Honda Launches Fifth Generation mini-van Odyssey 2018


Honda has launched the fifth generation of its mini-van Odyssey to complete a long journey of success in this sector, through which Odyssey can make many families days enjoyable, convenient on different tasks, and gives safe and fast trips around the world.

The Honda Odyssey is a family car with a hull that makes it hard for the car to shine, but it breaks that rule.

The car, although family-friendly, looks very attractive, especially with the futuristic, high-end LEDs, which are easily and quickly caught in the spotlight. LED lighting units and the sharp design of the lamps make it the most important sign of Odyssey design ever.

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In addition to the lamps, the large ventilation mesh with the Honda logo comes in a large size in the center with a glossy chrome frame that looks like wing wings flying around the mark, as well as a large front bumper that features more offensive lines, with lower vents on both sides and the main opening in the middle .

On both sides are the sharp and prominent lines on the doors from the top and bottom, which flows clearly towards the rear façade and the highest wheels in reference to the strength of the car, in addition to the large glass area, and the back door sliding on both sides of the car to facilitate access to the large cabin for families.

In the rear, the glass spaces are doubling to make Odyssey’s journey more enjoyable, with the roof rising to give more spaciousness, the large headlights on both sides of the car, and the large protection door with the low loading edge that increases the car’s operation.


The Interior

Inside the cabin, you can forget that this is a fully family car and focuses on what Honda has done to make it look great, stylish and fun, especially with the highly-designed digital dashboard that enhances driving pleasure.

The high center console also provides a buzzer to control all important functions with the sophisticated information system, and the organized design of all these tools for easy access while maintaining the middle space greater than usual.

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The car also provides plenty of space in the front and rear, with the ability to carry 7 passengers with comfort and ease, in addition to the backspace to store their belongings, and provide them with a lot of luxury and pleasure.


Engine and Performance

Honda Odyssey operates one of the engines but is capable of doing the job with distinction.

The 3.5-liter V6 engine is 280 hp and 355 Newton-meter. It is connected to a 10-speed automatic transmission that drives the front wheels to 100 km / h in 7.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 192 km/h.