How to Download TikTok in India using APK After Ban


Indian courts instructed the Indian government to ban the famous App TikTok from the country, soon after the order short-video app has disappeared from Apple and Google’s app stores.

With the rapid search for TikTok APK download, search queries are on the increase after Madras High Court’s initial verdict on April 5 about the social app TikTok to be banned.

TikTok Banned in India: The app is Removed from Android, iOS Play Stores

Despite the orders, 100 million users in India are still using it and yet more joining after every passing minute people are finding alternatives sources to download TikTok app on their smartphones.

As the app is no more available on Google and Apple respective app stores, regular users are searching for different ways to get hold of the app. As the iPhone has its complications, for Android users, TikTok can still be downloaded from third-party app depositories. Some of the popular websites such as APK Mirror, Apk Pure, AndroidAPKs Box and many others are still hosting APK files of the TikTok app. The APK files are available and can be downloaded from these websites to install on any Android device.

Due to the fact that many Indians are currently searching for the app so much it is trending as the most searched topic on the recent Google Search trends.

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If you are installing Android apps from any non-verified source that aren’t signed by Google (with a green tick mark for approval below them), you are risking your personalize data and phone every single time. Hackers and malware are all set to use the TikTok logo and put it on their malicious app to fool the person turning off security on to download it on their Android phone.

Although it is a smart move against the order to use alternative tools bt is a huge risk to the user’s security and data.