Huawei Defies Google: Ready to Respond with Android replacement

Huawei Operating System
Huawei will make its own operating system

Ambitious Huawei Chinese giant confirmed that it has developed the operating system for smartphones, computers, to use it on its organs substitute for Android, and Windows.

Richard Yu, chief executive of Huawei Consumer Business Group, told Deutsche Welle that the Chinese company has already developed its operating system after several years of operation.

Huawei, China’s largest smartphone vendor, began developing its operating system early in 2012 when the United States opened an investigation into its activities, along with the activities of the Chinese company ZTE.

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“We have developed our operational systems and if it turns out that US systems can no longer be used, we will be ready and have a backup plan,” Yu said. Huawei prefers to work with Google and Microsoft, but is willing to move to its alternative.

ZTE was hit by the same US attack in 2018 when it was banned from using Android and Windows and was banned from receiving exports from US companies to develop its smartphones.

But the situation is different for Huawei, which manufactures its own Kirin processors on most of its smartphones. You will be in a much better position than ZTE, which has had to shut down completely for almost four months. Most of its products, including smartphones, The main products provided by US vendors.

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Huawei supplies all of its smartphones with the Google-owned Android system, while Microsoft’s Windows-based system is used on its laptop computers.