Huawei P30 Lite to launch in the UAE in April


Huawei Consumer Group has announced that it is unveiling the Lite version of the new P30 series. The new handset is a medium-sized, high-end handset designed specifically to meet the tastes of young users who are passionate about contemporary design and performance.

The HUAWEI P series is targeting young users, and since its global reputation for high-end imaging and high-end experience, the HUAWEI P20 Pro has been the top of the smartphones with DxOMark’s best cameras. This has led to higher user expectations and hopes for the upcoming HUAWEI P series.

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Certainly, the development that will witness version Lite series P new will be represented in the camera system, which will impress and find and praise young users because of its advanced imaging capabilities of either the front or rear camera. Although camera capabilities are the main performance indicator in smartphones, performance is at the forefront.

Huawei shipped more than 200 million smartphones in 2018 to take up a third of the global smartphone market share. Thanks to Huawei’s leading and advanced phones such as the HUAWEI P series. As high-end smartphones, the HUAWEI P series has achieved excellent sales because of the high quality of these phones.

While Huawei’s middle – class phone category has been an unrivaled success in the Middle East market, with huge sales over the past few years, making Huawei the Middle East’s leading smartphone market. Huawei’s business confidence and the provision of its middle-class phone has the potential of leading handsets at an affordable price that is in line with the potential of many users.

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The HUAWEI P series is renowned for its advanced capabilities and the best user experiences. The Huawei P30 Lite will be launched in the UAE’ market early next month. While the phone comes as a masterpiece designed by Huawei to suit the tastes of young users who love fashion thanks to high phone specifications and software is very sophisticated.