Indian Boy, Mohammed used Eid Money to Raise Awareness of Recycling

A 10-year-old Dubai student, Mohammed has been honoured by the Dubai Municipality (DM).

He turned his love for the World Cup into an innovative way to reduce plastic bag waste.

The director of waste management department, Abdulmajeed Abdulaziz Saifaie has named the youngster one of the municipality’s ‘Sustainability Ambassadors’.

Mohammed has used his Eid money and distributed hand-decorated reusable bags to a number of groceries near his home in Karama, after he grew tired of seeing so many plastic bags being wasted on home deliveries.

Each small grocery was using about 1,200 bags a month to deliver goods. To reduce the excess wastage, he distributed the free bags in replace of plastic ones.

Mohammed has felt honoured to be named a Sustainability Ambassador.


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