Indian Businessman in Dubai Builds 60+ Water Hand Pumps in Pakistan

Indian Businessman in UAE Installs Hand Pumps in Pakistan
Indian Businessman in UAE Installs Hand Pumps in Pakistan

Unfazed by the recent Indo-Pak tensions, a Dubai-based Indian businessperson has put in over 60 hand pumps in a destitute district of Pakistan’s southeastern Sindh province, according to a media report.

Joginder Singh Salaria established nearly sixty-two water pumps in Tharparkar district with the assistance of native social workers once knowing the plight of the area through social media. He also reportedly sent baggage of grains to the community.

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Salaria, who has been a UAE-resident since 1993 and runs a transport business, said he reached out to social workers in Pakistan via social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube, established contacts with them and funded the complete operation.

“While IndiaPakistan tensions were high following the Pulwama incident, we were installing hand pumps in these poor villages,” Joginder Singh Salaria, who launched the Pehal charitable trust, was quoted as saying by the Khaleej Times.

Relations between Republic of India and Pakistan touched its nadir after forty CRPF personnel were killed and 5 hurt on February 14, once a terrorist of Pakistan-based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) attacked their bus in Pulwama district.

Salaria launched Pehal trust in 2012 in New Delhi. Since origination, his charity organized medical awareness camp, education programs, initiatives for orphans, widows within the UAE, and also the worker’s community in Dubai.

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His Trust has also entered the Guinness Book of World Records for its hunger relief efforts throughout Ramadan.

The Khaleej Times quoted a United National Development Programme (UNDP) report as saying that the Tharparkar district has a number of the lowest social and development indicators in Sindh province and across Pakistan with financial condition headcount of eighty-seven percent.

Over the past decade, high levels of deprivation have resulted during a steady increase within the multi-dimensional poverty headcount within the district, the report said.