Indian Star Lara Dutta “Dubai is a city of Happiness and Positivity”


The star, fashion model and beauty queen of the year 2000, Lara Dutta, has acclaimed her love for Dubai, the city of happiness and positive. The star, who is a guest at the Beauty World exhibition to promote an Indian skin care product, said she never stopped visiting her family.

Indian star revealed that she has filmed many of the films and commercials in Dubai. Dutta says she is happy to visit Dubai at this huge beauty exhibition, which she describes as exhilarating and exhilarating and a source of positive energy. Her frequent visits to entertainment and shopping malls make her a favorite destination. Family, with many shops and entertainment, as well as the Wild Wadi Water Park, horse riding stables, and golf.

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This is the first time that this exhibition brings together suppliers and beauty professionals from all over the world to meet here in Dubai, an opportunity to deliver this product that fits The femininity of women around the world without focusing on a specific geographical area. “The reason for this is the Beauty World,” she said.

As for expensive skin care products, she said that we must forget the myth that high-priced skincare products give good results. All that is going on is care. Women can find good results on their skin from a product they bought from the supermarket, and it is important that every woman have a routine to take care of their skin and continue it.

Dutta pleases her passion for beauty and caring for women, and has developed her 25-years experience to guide women. For example, in India, there is a lack of awareness about skin care and attention. Many women still go to traditional ways of skin care. The increase in the percentage of pollution and exposure to the sun-generated the need for other care that depends on scientific methods to suit the skin of women at the present time, they are more susceptible to pollution as they go out to work, Add to Her long sitting in front of the computer screen, which affects her skin in the long run.

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At the end of her talk, Dutta advised women to take care of their internal beauty, which is reflected on their skin. Women must accept themselves as they are. They are not what they put on, but their lifestyle and they must be self-confident. What I believe and I try to spread through my calculations on the means of social communication, and the best place to promote a sense of optimism and positive energy is Dubai, which has these qualities and others.