iScream at La Mer Dubai offers Curry-flavored Ice Cream

iScream at La Mer offers curry-flavored ice cream.

The ice cream shop which offers 44 different flavors has introduced curry flavor ice cream. Something really unique that ice cream lovers would definitely want to try.

The store has a very fun and exciting theme. When you taste your ice cream you are encouraged to hear your scream because the store’s motto is “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream”- the screams are measured through in store decibel meter. Not just that, the store also has a wooden truck that offers hop-scotch, PS4, hula hoop, and foosball table.

The founder of iScream, Rami Halawi said, “Just like Dubai welcomes a big variety of nationalities, we are catering to all the nationalities residing here. To be more precise, we have 44 different flavors in the shop and many more in our factory in Dubai.”

There is a wide range of flavors including curry, ube, umm ali, kulfi, ginger, wasabi, matcha green tea, Emirati coffee, Halawa, dates and other. The shop also offers sandwich ice cream; the sandwiches are made with rainbow bread, burger bun, ciabatta bread, brioche, muffins, croissant, waffle, macaron, éclair, cotton candy, choux, crepe and others.