Izz al-Din al-Shalafi Dies after a Sudden Heart Attack


Yesterday the Algerian artist Abdel Abid Odeh, known as his artistic name Izz al-Din al-Shalafi, nicknamed “Artist of the Poor”, died at the age of 44 after a sudden heart attack.

Shalafi died on arrival at the “sister” hospital in the Algerian suburb of Shalafi, suffering a second heart attack in two months.

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The director of the late artist’s work told the local media that Izz al-Din felt within hours of his death narrowing his chest and breathing difficulties, and indicated that he was suffering from high blood pressure before his departure. He was accompanied by large crowds to his final resting place, accompanied by a large number of personalities of local authorities in the region. And the young man Izz al-Din (44 years) married and father of six children.

Shalafi was known for his album Shouf al-Haqra Shouf, in which he discussed corruption issues related to the Chlef region. He was known for his famous songs “Wach Japek Lea Khair (واش جابك ليا خيرة)” and other songs including political songs that cost him entry to prison in 2007.

The late actor Izz al-Din al-Shalafi(عز الدين الشلفي ), with his star at the beginning of the third millennium, soon became popular among the “wretched” who found their refuge in Ezzedine after the man was keen to launch several political and social songs expressing the concerns and pains of the hard workers.

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During his artistic career, the artist remained out of the limelight, only reviving private and family concerts. He also refused to participate in more than one festival, preferring local.