Jackie Chan returns to Dubai to shot “Vanguard”


World star Jackie Chan returns to Dubai to film the new adventure film “Vanguard” within weeks under the direction of director Stanley Tong, following the success of the film “Kung Fu Yoga”, which he also filmed in the Emirate.

Jamal Al Sharif, Chairman of the Dubai Film and Television Production Committee, said: “We are coordinating with a number of bodies including Dubai Police, Ambulance, Civil Defense, Aviation Authority and private bodies responsible for the photography sites which may include vital and tourist destinations such as Sheikh Zayed Road , Lamir, the Seef area, and other places.

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Al-Sherif confirmed that the film is a real addition to Jackie Chan’s journey and that he will not depart from the usual context of the star, which the audience prefers and reviews his skills in martial arts.

Al-Sharif pointed out that there is a high probability that there will be names of Arab stars in the film, explaining that the subject is still under study.

“It’s the first time I’ve been outside the United States and my mother China, and I found out that things were easier and the imaging needs are more available than anywhere else,” he said.

“The film will be filmed in Dubai for 30 days in cooperation with Shanghai Lakes Entertainment Co. Ltd., the Dubai Production Company and the production director Maxine de Veer, with the participation of 20 local talent, Including 10 key representatives and more than 500 secondary representatives,” said Stanley Tong, director of the film.

Al-Sherif said that he was happy to hear this talk and praise from the international star, which is loved by adults and young people, and his choice of Dubai to be the incubator of his new film “Vanguard” is a badge of pride for us and a certificate cherished by a star trusted by the world.