Jeddah to Riyadh in just 46 minutes with Virgin Hyperloop


Virgin Hyperloop One has announced its plan for a proposed highspeed rail link between the kingdom’s cities and major economic projects, as well as linking it with the cities of the Gulf State.

The company explained that the “Hyperloop” is expected to travel between the cities of the KSA in record times, like travel time between Riyadh and Jeddah is just shrunk to 46 minutes, Dammam in 28 minutes, Riyadh to Mecca in 41 minutes, Riyadh – Abu Dhabi in 50 minutes.

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Colin Resse, Vice President, Virgin Hyperloop One, will speak about the project proposal at the event, which will be held on March 10-13 at the Jeddah Center for Forum and Events, to demonstrate the role of the project in stimulating the achievement of the goals of the Vision 2030.

The proposed route map of the Hyperloop, Naum, Red Sea, Jeddah, Mecca and Riyadh, and Qudsiya, as well as the cities of Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Manama, and Muscat, revealed an ambitious high-tech project through the use of software controlled system base on artificial intelligence and other operating systems.

The proposed project is expected to create an industrial hub within the Kingdom with the potential to export Hyperloop Technologies to other markets and customers, providing opportunities for the workforce to benefits form its skills locally and internationally, as well as a significant increase in GDP, job creation and advanced technology for young people, business opportunities and partnership for  entrepreneurs.

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The Crown Prince and Defence Minister Prince Mohammad Bin Salman visited Virgin Hyperloop One in California last April, where he saw the company’s technology and capabilities and met with its engineering team.