Katrina Kaif shows 20-minutes home workout tips in Video

Katrina Kaif shows 20-minutes home workout tips in Video

In the wake of pandemic, many celebrities are trying to influence their followers to adapt healthier lifestyles in order to protect yourself and everyone around and be safe and healthy. Bollywood beauty and superstar, Katrina Kaif also has shared great advice with her fans on social media on how to fight and win against Covid-19.

Kaif posted a group photo of herself along with her sisters and friends with the caption: “hope everyone is staying safe … please follow all precautionary safety measures as recommended by the health professionals …. excercise and meditation help your body’s immune system … keep your environment clean and happy 💛”

The Bollywood Diva has been known for her work and exercise ethics around the world and now she urges the masses to keep yourself active now that activities have reduced to nothing.

Kaif about her workout said: “I like to challenge myself which is why I create my own workout plan, its a mix of squats, pushups, lunges”.

Recently the actress also informed her fans that her latest Rohit Shetty directorial “Sooryavanshim” will be have a delayed release due to the outbreak. She took to her Instagram to deliver the news.

Kaif also shared some workouts in a video that one can easily do at home:

With cinemas closing down, all major Bollywood releases have been cancelled and rescheduled.

Many more Bollywood celebrities have joined in on spreading awareness. In a series of tweets on social media, WHO Director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus appealed to celebrities and famous sportsmen and women around the globe to help with the #SafeHands initiative to help curb the spread of the virus, with appeals to Padukone and Chopra Jonas.

Chopra Jonas responded to Ghebreyesus’ tweet by also linking to the Global Citizen page. “We’re all in this together. Let’s stay informed and do what we can to help stop the spread of #Covid19. Learn more with @GlblCtzn.”

Till Sunday, around 107 coronavirus cases were reported in India. The number of cases include two people who died in Delhi and Karnataka.