Kuwaiti Men Displays Cooking Skills in Social Media Videos


An old passion for many Kuwaiti men has become a profession among many of them. They have penetrated the kitchen world, which was known as the private world of women, to pursue a hobby that soon became a profession and became the title of the most famous restaurants and hotels.

The social media are now crowded with videos showing Kuwaiti men competing to demonstrate their ability to cook local and international meals with high professionalism in an out-of-the-ordinary fashion.

The Kuwaiti man has an intimate and old relationship with cooking, as many of them excel in cooking traditional Kuwaiti dishes such as Meghbos, Biryani and Mutabal in the seasons of land trips and camps in the winter or chalet in summer with friends and friends.

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The talk, for example, about the famous fish species in the country such as Zubaidi, Mideed, Sabour and Hamour, and the methods of its preparation are very familiar in Diwaniyah.

In this regard, two male chefs said that encouraging family and friends is the common factor in the professionalism of this area they have craved since childhood.

And explained that they have continued to work on refining their skills in order to master the working methods of many Kuwaiti and international meals.

He explained that he was keen to taste the dishes of Kuwait famous, such as (Mgbos chicken) or (applied) in a number of homes and restaurants and inquires about the secret of their taste until he decided to open his own restaurant, which provided Kuwaiti meals distinguish them.

He said he received an offer at this famous hotel where he now works and spent about 13 hours a day gaining experience as he moved between all the departments and traveled to several countries to attend specialized training courses.

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Asked if he had been surprised by his involvement in cooking, he said he had received support and encouragement from his surroundings, customers and hotel guests who urged him to continue.

He pointed out that many Kuwaiti men have been involved in the field of cooking for years and have recorded rich and successful experiences in this field, and their numbers are increasing continuously, in addition to the ambition of many of them to reach international fame.

Hamada said he dreams of setting up an academy to teach culinary arts and restaurant and food management.

Kuwaiti chef Ahmed Al-Bader, owner of a range of restaurants, said his passion for cooking began as early as he was keen to participate in school carnivals and festivals.

Al-Bader said that the family is always the basis for creativity and encouragement of children’s passion, pointing to the influence of his parents on him and his brothers and their constant motivation to learn “craftsmanship and handicraft”.

He explained that thanks to this support and confidence from the family was overcoming the frustrations and challenges, noting that the surprise of one person and mocking him on his profession at the beginning of his cooking was motivated him to continue and succeed in his career.

Al-Badr called on Kuwaiti youth, especially those who are passionate about handicrafts, such as carpentry, mechanics and sewing, to sharpen their talents and creativity by reading and training, and to believe in what their hands do to serve as role models for others.