Kuwaiti Startup “Cofe” App Raises USD 3.2 Million Investment


Hurray! for the coffee lovers out there. Now you can order your favorite coffee by just selecting the best Cofe app.

Kuwait is all set to up to expand its billion dollars worth coffee market to a new level. This startup business is the idea of bringing in closer the brands and local vendors to deliver their best produce.

In 2017 Ali Al Ebrahim founded Cofe, a mobile app marketplace that brings renowned brands and franchise chains both local and international with customers to sell the best-chosen coffee online.


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The concept for developing this app was to provide the best coffee place around the world to come under one roof. The Kuwait based Cofe startup is all that you need to fulfill your Cofe needs through the coffee-centric marketplace.

Being a coffee lover who starts their day with a good freshly brewed coffee, or to give yourself a boosted kick start at your workplace, you definitely look for a perfect place to fulfill your coffee needs. So there you are! Right at your doorstep is delivered from the best places around is the Cofe of your dream. Freshly brewed, blended with the love from your chosen outlet.

This app enables coffee lovers to order and pay for their favorite coffee and choose from different delivery outlets including fast delivery to their home, counter pick up, and car picks up service or their offices. Users can customize their drinks through selection and purchasing options provided in the app.

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Ali Al Ebrahim, Cofe Founder, and CEO stated that as a group of coffee lovers who are living in the age of Tesla, Uber, and Airbnb get frustrated with old means of ordering coffee. So to streamline the coffee ordering process and bring it to mobiles phones and everyone else’s as well, aimed to bring the coffee culture and technology together in one platform.