Largest Replica of “LOVE ME” Adorns the Center of Dubai

Love me statue in front of Burj Khalifa
The largest replica of "LOVE ME" adorns the center of Dubai

Are you one in all the pioneers of social networking websites and are trying to find a special site for lovely photos to boast about Instagram and alternative sites? Head to downtown Dubai!

British sculptor Richard Hudson unveiled his new masterpiece in downtown Dubai.

It is a three-dimensional version of the unique LOVE ME using polished reflective steel, almost like the sculpture at the Dubai Mall however larger than its size.

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The sculpture is incredibly giant, therefore it had been stirred to elements to its new location and assembled there the height and width of about 5 meters, and the thickness of 3.8 meters, and weighs over 7 thousand kilograms.

The sculpture has been put in to allow the Burj Khalifa image to be mirrored on its tinny surface, adding to the spectacular crystal rectifier displays that adorn the tower’s façade with gorgeous visual styles throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

The new LOVE ME sculpture is the latest addition to the gathering of works of art that adorn the varied areas developed by Emaar.

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Hudson’s business is well known throughout the globe and has been shown in Europe, America, and Asia. Hudson also co-ordinated special collections for celebrities like Sir Elton John, Claudia Schiffer, Michael Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.