List of Top Museums in UAE You Must Visit Once

List of Top Museums in UAE You Must Visit Once

United Arab Emirates is one of the most historical and cultural countries in the Middle East.

There are many attractions for visitors in the country from the tallest skyscrapers to adventure parks, luxurious resorts, amazing restaurants and what not. Today we are providing you with the ultimate guide of museums in the UAE.

1. Dubai Moving Images Museum


This Museum was founded in 2011 and it has impressive personal collection of Akram Miknas, chairman of Dubai-based Middle East Communication Network (MCN). All items in the museum are original from the 1730s to the twentieth century. This Museum features numerous interactive aspects of the rich history of the moving image by viewing and playing with objects such as peeping into an eighteenth century Dutch peep box viewer, or turning the reel of an early twentieth century mutoscope to see the flicker effect.

2. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization


This Museum was first opened in 1987. It represents different periods of Islamic history. The ground floor of the museum holds Islamic Faith Gallery that displays ancient mathematical and astronomical works that were important in locating the direction of prayer towards the Ka’ba in Makkah. The entire first floor is devoted to Islamic Art. The Islamic Art gallery also displays ceramics, metalwork, glass and minor arts made in the Muslim world between seventh and 13th century.

3. Emirates National Auto Museum


This museum was established in 2004 and is located in Abu Dhabi. The Emirates National Auto Museum (ENAM) has fascinating collection of 200 cars, a large fleet, off-road vehicles, classic American cars belonging to HH Shaikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. The famous Mercedes rainbow collection and the world’s largest truck are some of the museums proudest pieces.

4. Dubai Museum


This Museum is located within ‘Al Fahidi Fortis’ opened in 1971. It aims to showcase the traditional Bedouin way of life. This museum has several galleries with old maps and historical finds as old as 3000 BC. It also has a video room that shows the development of Dubai from the oil discovery to the present day. The visitors have an opportunity to get knowledge of the very old history of Dubai that interacted with different people, civilizations and environments of urban and rural lives in Dubai.

5. Etihad Museum


The Etihad Museum is located adjacent to the Union House in Dubai. The entrance is designed in the shape of a manuscript with seven columns that simulate the pen used to sign the UAE declaration. This museum includes permanent and temporary halls, a theatre, an educational area, a recreational area, administrative offices and car parking. It’s made up of eight permanent galleries and one temporary gallery. Their collection includes objects and documents related to the events of the formation of the UAE nation.

6. Dubai Municipality Museum


It is located in Bani Yas near the Spice Souq, Deira and opened in 2006. The building was built in 1957 with two floors. The ground floor served as commercial stores and the upper floor was added to serve as a dormitory for traders. This Museum displays the development of the civic body since it was made an independent body. The artifacts on display include manuscripts, official documents and rare photographs.

7. Al Ain Classical Cars Museum


The museum was established in 2009 by Captain Rashid Mohammad Al Tamimi, a car enthusiast. In November 2013, this Museum was transferred to a new Location at the Ain Al Fida Complex. The museum has something for everyone, from veteran car lovers to automobile antiquities. The museum considers itself the top classic car source in the UAE. They even cater at events with collections of classic cars that people can rent for display.

8. Sharjah Art Museum


The location of Sharjah Art Museum is Arts Area, Al- Shuwaihiyeen, near Al-Corniche post office and it was first opened in 1997. The three-story museum is dedicated to showcasing artistic creations and collections of more than 500 artworks. Visitors can enjoy their large spacious galleries full of artistic wonder and creativity‎. Art lovers are invited to exhibitions hosted by the museum.

9. Fujairah Museum


The museum was opened in 1991 and it features archaeological exhibits that were put together after being discovered during numerous excavations all over the emirates. The numerous exhibits cover a historical period from the sixth millennium B.C. to the end of the Islamic rule. The museum features the traditional and cultural heritage of the local inhabitants of the eastern Emirates over the last 100 years.

10. National Museum of Ras al-Khaimah


The fort was the residence of the ruling Al Qasimi family until early 1960, when it was converted into a museum. It is located behind the RAK Police Headquarters in the old town. This museum has fascinating collection of archaeological artifacts from all over the emirates and mostly donated by members of the Quwasim family of Ras Al Khaimah. The Museum is made up of coral stone, a fossil building material originating from the sea.

11. Dubai Museum of the Future


The ‘Museum of the Future’ is located in the Emirates Towers area near Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai. The museum’s motto is ‘See the Future, Create the Future,’ and has been designed to reflect a new approach to government innovation. It represents a leading example of entrepreneurial governments embracing change and creating futuristic visions for a better world. It’s a place for ideas, real designs, innovation and a global destination for inventors and entrepreneurs.