Lost Your Driving License in UAE? Register for Replacement Online Now

Lost Your Driving License in UAE Register for Replacement Online Now

If you have lost your driving license than you no longer need to register the lost license with the police. Now, you can simply go to any RTA (Road & Transport Authority) branch to apply for a replacement.

You need to take a copy of your passport, residency visa, Emirates Identity card, copies of the lost driving license, and two passport sized photos. It would be best to carry the originals with you too. You may be required to take a new eye test.

You can also apply license through RTA website. Their official website lists all the Q&A’s you need to know about applying for a lost license. Enter your details, make the payment and wait for your license.

There’s also an easy way through RTA app, where they lists many services including renewal of driving license and issuance of the lost license. Check the options, fill in the details, make the payment and wait for your license on their app.

Their service fees include Dh10 for Knowledge fees + Dh110 for replacing a lost or damaged driving license fees. The fees amount will not be refunded after payment confirmation.

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