Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai Gets “Green Key” Award


Millennium Hotel Dubai has announced the acquisition of “Green Key”, a leading eco-brand for leisure and leisure organizations. The green key is given to institutions that succeed in meeting a list of environmental requirements, the leading standard of excellence in environmental responsibility and sustainable tourism operations. The establishment of the Millennium Green Airport Hotel in Dubai is a sign of the Foundation’s efforts to develop responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly business and activities. It also represents a promise to its guests to make a positive difference in the environment and sustainability when they choose Residence at this institution.

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Simon Moore, General Manager of Millennium Hotel Dubai, said: “We are very proud to be part of the Green Key Environmental Rating Program. At the Millennium Hotel Dubai Airport, we recognize the direct effects of the activities and the work we do on land, natural resources, and people’s lives. We will continue to benefit from sustainability programs and environmentally friendly environmental ideas to conserve natural resources and prevent pollution, which can be a major cause of environmental degradation and destruction of the Earth. ”

As part of its outstanding initiatives in this area, On the implementation of policies, processes, and strategies towards a greener and more environmentally friendly work environment.

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Committed to implementing the Green Key Environmental Rating Program, Millennium Airport Dubai has identified some key areas of focus for work and best practices that include excellent performance in energy conservation and efficiency, leadership in waste management, strict adherence to sustainability practices, and taking the initiative to participate in projects and events. Community activities aimed at creating a more sustainable environment, working together with guests and guests to build a better world, and developing an ongoing training program on environmentally-friendly principles and practices in the workplace.