Mirhan Hussein Freed from Prison After 2 Weeks Sentence


Mirhan Hussein (ميريهان حسين), leaves the women’s prison on Tuesday after serving a sentence of two weeks imprisonment for a criminal court in the city.

Mirhan’s lawyer Shaaban Said, “that his client will be released today, after the completion of the necessary legal procedures in the pyramid section”.

He said in a statement to “Cairo 24”, “that Meryhan Hussein handed over to the security services of the Directorate of Security Giza, to execute the sentence, and immediately was deported to the women’s prison, the end of January”.

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Details of the incident

The artist Mirhan Hussein handed herself to the police department of the pyramid, to perform the sentence against it by the Court of Misdemeanors pyramid on the case known and that was the impact of assault on the officer pyramid quantities while carrying out the work and lead drunk in 2016.

The Criminal Court of the Pyramids had sentenced Meryhan Hussein to prison for two weeks after the defendant appealed the first sentence, which includes her imprisonment for two and a half years with a guarantee of 30 thousand pounds.

As for the two officers, the police department of the pyramid, who accused them of insulting the offer and assaulting Mirhan Hussein and insulting and defaming them, the court ordered them to pay a fine of 20 thousand pounds.

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Reasons why Mirhan’s father did not visit her during her imprisonment

The father of the artist Mirehan Hussein, said earlier in television statements, he could not see her throughout the period of imprisonment, as the law prevents visits in case of not exceeding the period of the month, adding that his daughter was imprisoned for only two weeks.

Mirhan’s father revealed that his daughter will continue her artistic career after leaving prison. She is scheduled to continue shooting her scenes in the series “Family Restrictions(قيد عائلي)”. She will also begin filming “The Question Mark (علامة إستفهام)” with Mohammed Ragab.