Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 Switches to new interface


Mitsubishi has suffered a major setback over the past few years, prompting the company to change its face to a new type of car that it has not cared much about, the Crossover, which is now the best-selling around the world, To the top again.

The new Eclipse Crossover is based on a modern design that carries the company’s new design language, trying to establish a strong identity to complement the march.

In the front comes Mitsubishi’s familiar three-wire mesh with bright chrome-plated lines, a Mitsubishi logo in the middle with a large size, and sharp-edged lights on both sides that extend the car’s design to a new, modern frontier.

The large front bumper also comes with large fog lights, silver glossy lines in the center extending to the side of the car, and a lower protection panel that enhances the adventurous personality of the car.

On both sides are the new sporty metal wheels of the car, as well as the large-scale mirrors, and the glass-rimmed edges that follow the roofline in its front height and its quick tilt to the rear, with the rear bows, clearly inflated rear.

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The rear facade features unusually large lamps, extending from the highest point of the ceiling through the rear to the center. The lamps then complete their way through the center of the car to cross the two sides, placing the dividing line between the rear glass of the cabin and the back-mounted glass in the middle of the loading door.


The interior

Inside the cabin Mitsubishi has built on its usual lines with a combination of simplicity and practicality, offering a pure Japanese experience that is far from innovation or new touches, as if not trying to venture in this aspect.

The three-arm steering wheel with a quiet design and behind it the white-blue dashboard with large and clear dimensions, plus a simple center console and a high-end information display in the middle zone provide several options for the driver.

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Engine and Performance

Mitsubishi Eclipse Crossover 2018 offers an economical choice for the engine that provides it with the required competitiveness.

The turbocharged 1.5-liter turbocharger with 148 hp and 250 Nm is connected to the 4-speed, four-speed CVT transmission through a full-speed system. The car accelerates from 100m / s to 9.8 seconds, Km / h.