Mohammed Abdu performs at Opening Ceremony of Hala February Festival in Kuwait


The Hala February festival in Kuwait was a huge opening after the Saudi artist, Mohammed Abdu, celebrated the opening ceremony to add to the fame of the biggest art festival in Kuwait.

The Arab artist, the most famous title of the Saudi singer, has performed on the stage of the festival to perform his most famous songs. A large number of those present have memorized them, and they have always been broadcast through a long history of the Saudi artist.


In addition to the remarkable interaction by attending the festival, the televised broadcast of the event was echoed in the launch of Hala February, an additional audience on the first nights of the festival, which will be joined in the coming days by a number of the most famous Arab artists and artists.

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On the social networking sites, especially the most widely used Twitter in Saudi Arabia, the talk about the Abu Nour concert is also known as the Saudis like to name their favorite artist, and to publish videos of his songs to the Kuwaiti public.

The label “# Arab Artist_In Kuwait” topped the list of “Twitter” in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, amid a remarkable interaction with other Gulf and Arab countries, whose bloggers praised the veteran artist and his famous songs.

The Hala February festival is one of the most important festivals held in Kuwait every year. It is supported by the private sector and some institutions through funding and sponsorships. The festival includes an opening ceremony, a carnival, in addition to concerts attended by famous poets, singers, In the Gulf and the Arab world.

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In addition to the opening ceremony held by the Saudi artist solo on the national stage at the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center, two artists will be present at the six other festival parties, with two weekly sessions on Thursday and Friday with: Abdullah Al Ruwaished, Sherin Abdel Wahab, Wael Kfoury, Nabil Shuail, Majed Al-Mohandes, Najwa Karam, Murtraf Al-Mataraf, Asala, Hussain Al Jasmi and Angham to be the closing night on 22 February with artists Abadi Al-Jawhar and Nawal Al Kuwaiti.