Mohammed bin Rashid Library to be Largest Arab World Library

Mohammed bin Rashid Library to be Largest Arab World Library

The new and biggest electronic library ‘Mohammed bin Rashid Library’ is going to be the largest Arab world library. This is located in Al Jaddaf across the Creek from Dubai Festival City.

The construction of this huge world class library is going on. The seven storey building has been designed to resemble an open book sitting on a rehl. A traditional lectern which holds the Quran. It will be finished by mid-2018.

It is a project with the latest technologies. It preserves the cultural treasures in the form of literature, audio visual media and has a large electronic library database. It will contain 4.5 million books, 1 million audio books and 2 million e-books.

It will also have specialized libraries such the Information Centre, Arabic Library, Popular Library, Children’s Library, Family Library, International Library, Media Library, Publications Visual and Auditory and Internet services, Young Adult Library, Study Rooms, Conference Rooms, Special Library.

There are various open reading areas, exhibitions, auditorium, cinema, borrowing books sections for visitors and tourists.