Monday, 28th May – The Final Deadline for Submitting Tax Returns

Monday, 28th May - The Final Deadline for Submitting Tax Returns

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has announced the procedure for submitting tax returns through its website:

They released eight educational awareness videos that can be viewed on its official website and social media channels and all news websites. These videos direct the steps and procedures required to complete and submit Tax Returns and pay taxes and making them easier to understand and follow for businesses.

Monday (May 28, 2018) is the final deadline for submitting Tax Returns and paying due taxes for the Tax Period that ended on April 30. The FTA suggested to meet with the deadline in order to avoid administrative penalties.

FTA Director General Khalid Ali Al Bustani said, “Federal Tax Authority’s plan is to raise tax awareness among businesses and community members. These educational and awareness efforts are part of our strategy to improve our services with tax procedures using advanced electronic systems.”

He also said, “The FTA has released more than 60 guides covering all legislative and implementing aspects of the UAE tax system in addition to e-learning modules, infographics and animations in Arabic and English about Excise Tax, Value Added Tax, and the objectives behind them.”

Users can start by logging onto the e-Services portal on the website then clicking successively on the “VAT” tab, “Tax Return VAT201” and finally “New Tax Return VAT201”.

These videos explain how to fill out the Tax Return form box by box with data about sales and other outputs and expenses and other inputs where depending on the due tax for the Tax Period in question. Businesses either go on to pay their taxes or request a tax refund.

It also demonstrate how to submit the Tax Return after the registered business has carefully filled out and double checked all the mandatory fields in the online form.

The final video provides a visual on how to settle VAT by one of many available payment options.