Najwa Karam will spends a Melodious Eid-al-Fitr In Dubai

Najwa Karam Concert in Dubai
Najwa Karam will spends a melodious Eid-al-Fitr In Dubai

Preparing Lebanese singer Najwa Karam to revive a concert at the Hilton Habtoor Hotel in the Emirate of Dubai, the second day of Eid-al-Fitr, accompanied by artists Saif Amer, Walid Al – Jassem, Abdullah Naev, and Abdelkader Hadhoud.

Expressed Najwa was pleased to revive the ceremony, accompanied by distinguished artists, “I am very happy to be in Dubai for the second day of the festival, to celebrate a concert with distinguished stars. My presence in Dubai is always distinctive because the audience is very tasteful and distinguished.”

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Dubai is a star attraction and has a large number of different nationalities. All artists feel happy when they stand in front of Dubai’s audience, creating an atmosphere of joy that only the attendant can feel. I wish to present a concert worthy of the Dubai audience”, Co-artist said.

For his part, Iraqi artist Saif Amer expressed his happiness at the ceremony of Dubai, and promised the audience to present an evening will remain in memory. He said, “Being in Dubai itself is wonderful, singing with senior stars and standing with Najwa Karam in one ceremony is exceptional for me.”

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The audience who will attend the ceremony will be happy with what we are going to offer, and I promise everyone that the ceremony will be like a journey in the world of pleasure, excitement, and excitement. Dubai is a kiss for stars and celebrities, and its gourmets deserve to do our best to make it happy.

Concert Details

Date: 06 June 2019.
Category: Live Entertainment / Concert.
Venue: Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City.
Telephone: +971 56 816 6612.
Ticket Price: AED500-2000.
Admission: 10pm-3am.