New Emirati Horror Movie ‘Shadow’ based on Real Events

Shooting of UAE's new horror movie
Nayla Al Khaja, one of the most leading female director in UAE

The new horror film “The Shadow”, directed and produced by UAE’s Nayla Al Khaja, with the support of the Dubai Television and Film Production Commission, and the production of Epic Films and Siniora Films, begins in Dubai.

The film, starring a group of UAE actors and local Emirati accents, is scheduled to be filmed over the coming months. The film tells the story of a nine-year-old boy suffering from a strange phenomenon out of control, and the mother who seeks to protect him by various means.

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The Dubai Film and Television Production Commission, through close cooperation with Emirati director Nayla Al Khaja, has made it easy to facilitate the filming process, including the extraction of all necessary permits to complete the work. The Committee has also played a pivotal role in providing communication opportunities to Al Khaja director, in particular communicating with Emirati actors nominated to participate in the film.

“The contribution to the project stems from the commitment to supporting talented Emirati directors such as Nayla Al Khaja, helping them achieve their goals and delivering them to the world, and in line with the ambitious Dubai 2021 Plan, which emphasizes Dubai’s status as a home,” said a spokesman for the Dubai TV and Film Production Committee, creative individuals.

Over the years, Dubai has been recognized as one of the best destinations for the global film industry because of its unique geographical location and modern infrastructure, where it has filmed many major Hollywood films such as Zero, Star Trek, NewYear, Kung Fu Yoga and Vanguard, and along with our Emirati directors who create more films, we are thrilled to witness the boom of this industry in our country. In 2018 we issued up to 980 filming permits, The transformation into a global center for film production and in line with the vision of the UAE 2021, and our continuous efforts Facilitate imaging operations, we have made available imaging permits issued within one working day to meet the requirements of this rapidly growing sector.

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Nayla Al Khaja has been renowned for producing powerful, thought-provoking films, touching stories with artistic touches, and with the advent of horror and thriller in the UAE, Al Khaja has reached an advanced level of maturity and professional experience to achieve her passion throughout her career.

“In the world, only 5 percent of the women who specialize in this type of work are among the directors, and I really hope to inspire more women in the region to go through the difficult filmmaking experience with a strong plot, as we are missing in the UAE,” says Nayla Al Khaja, a leading Emirati woman with strong experience in this area, and it is time to give a change in this category.

Robbie McCurry, producer and partner of Epic Films, described Shadow as a unique narrative approach based on the use of a unique production approach that would set new standards for the independent local film industry. “We are always on our side Will encourage local and international investors, and film lovers in general, to take part in future film projects in the UAE, and our production value is equal to the standards of international film production, and we are proud to have as many local film industry professionals as possible. Local talent, Highlight the enormous potential of the UAE in the film industry, the film will be a “shadow” model for the exciting potential, and we hope to collect the necessary funding for the production of long film, creating new opportunities for local workers in the film field. “

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Under the direction of director of photography Michael Allen, the crew will shoot the scenes of the film “Shadow” in June in multiple locations in Dubai. The film is expected to be released to the public through an event in Dubai in September 2019 with support from Fox Cinema.

Over the past few years, Dubai has continued to establish its reputation as the region’s leading film producer and to enhance its position as a preferred destination for local and international film production.