Nissan Leaf E-Plus 2019 officially launched at CES


Nissan Leaf may be the world’s best-selling electric car because of its low price, but its offerings do not offer the required versatility, so the Japanese company decided to address the problem by offering the upcoming Leaf E + with a new engine that provides more power and greater driving power. Scheduled for Los Angeles last November but the arrest of Carlos Ghosn delayed the launch of the car until the CES in Las Vegas.

While the current fiber delivers a 241 km transmission per charge, the E + version delivers a 364 km transmission per charge with an increase of 40% and the new high-capacity battery delivers a greater power of up to 160 kW, 45% off normal fiber with higher acceleration and a power of 213 hp.

The car accelerates at a rate of 13% better than the regular version, which makes it faster in curves and increased the maximum speed of 10% compared to the standard, which comes at a speed of 140 hours. With a 70-kilowatt-speed charging system, the E + fiber can be charged more efficiently, even though its battery is 55% larger. Nissan said it will deliver the same charge rate from the 100KW charger as the 50-kW charger.

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The E-E + is equipped with ProPilot’s assistive technology that adjusts the distance between the car and the car in front while keeping the car in the middle of the road. The car also has advanced Nissan pedals that allow the driver to operate the car and the acceleration and deceleration only with the accelerator and the pedal is programmed to handle more flexible. The car improves the pedal response to provide acceleration, slow down and smooth back.

Inside, the car will have a larger 8-inch display with a sophisticated navigation system that can be connected to smartphones. The car has a sleek second-generation design, but with an upgraded front fascia, blue accents and the E + logo beside the cargo area to distinguish the car from the standard model.

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The car is expected to be available to buyers at US showrooms in the spring of 2019 at an undisclosed price but will increase the current price of $ 29.990.