No Emirati Nationals Mistreated at Georgia Airport: MoFAIC

No Emirati Nationals Mistreated at Georgia Airport

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC), No Emirati nationals have been mistreated at Georgia airports or forced to return to the UAE.

This news has been circulated through social media platforms.

The ministry’s investigation found that the cases that were denied entry to Georgia were foreign citizens residing in the UAE.

They have urged travellers to verify the validity of their visas and identity papers before traveling to Georgia or other countries.

The MoFAIC is calling on Emiratis traveling abroad to ensure they are familiar with the relevant guidelines and advisories and to see whether the ministry has issued any updates regarding their destination.

UAE citizens are advised to register themselves and their families in the Twajudi service which can be accessed on the ministry’s website or through the ‘UAEMOFA’ smart app, which enables the ministry and UAE diplomatic missions abroad to communicate with them in case of emergencies.

Emiratis who lives abroad can also directly contact the UAE missions abroad or, in countries where the UAE is not represented by a diplomatic mission, the toll free line at 0097180044444.