Nora Tunisia’s ‘Ajlat Kater’ ft. Marwan Khoury Launches


The singer Nour El-Tunisia launched a new song in Lebanon entitled “Ajlat Kater (عجلت كتير)”, which she co-wrote with Marwan Khoury, composed by Mahmoud Eid and distributed by Omar El Sabbagh to support the mixing and mastering of Mohamed Elmakhour, Nour “because it belongs to the art of art that you prefer and belong to”.

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She expressed her happiness with her first collaboration with artist Marwan Khoury, wishing to repeat the experience with him in new works to come. She also expressed her pleasure in reiterating her cooperation with composer Mahmoud Eid in her second cooperation with him after her previous song “God is free for some (الله يخلينا لبعض)” in 2016, which was filmed in a “video clip” with the Lebanese director Bassam al-Turk.

The song “Ajlat Kater (عجلت كتير)” was launched through the channel “A2B media production” on “YouTube”, along with the Gulf and Arab broadcasters, and all libraries of electronic music and applications of “Angami (أنغامي)” and “Twins (أي توينز)”.

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The last Tunisian songs of the Tunisian single “Gaba Firasso (جابها فراسو)”, in Tunisia last year, were composed and composed by Toufic El Maghraby.