Norway unveils ‘Oceanic’ Dubai Expo 2020 design


Norway has planned to come up with a bang this Dubai Expo 2020. They have unveiled the design for the country’s pavilion that will present it as a world-leading ocean nation.

Having the longest coastline in the world Norway’s marine areas are larger than its land. The main industries for Norwegians are oil and gas, maritime or seafood sectors. These industries make up 70 per cent of Norwegian export earnings.

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Norway has selected the team, who will be working on the project; consist of country’s top designers – Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Expomobilia and Five Currents -.

Being committed to the oceans the Norwegian government is playing a primary role in the worldwide efforts to endorse clean and healthy oceans.

The plan is to start below the sea bed, leading the tourist all the way through all levels of the ocean up to the surface in order to cover ecological and climate aspect, research and innovation, and bring out sustainability solutions Norwegian ocean-related technology companies are providing from all types of industries.

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The dream is to put together the Norwegian pavilion entertaining and significant to the theme.
Norway, for that reason, needs to take a worldwide leadership role on significant ocean problems and participated in areas where solutions to the world’s challenges are discussed. Expo 2020 is going to be such an arena.

Some of the ideas floating are to strive for higher grounds and hunt for new possibilities, to find opportunity within the ocean industries. Along with sustainability, mobility in the maritime sector is also the need of the hour.