Notre-Dame Cathedral: Firefighters Race to Save the Historic Landmark in Paris


Firefighters are trying to salvage what can be salvaged from the main structure of the Notre Dame Cathedral in the French capital.

A fire broke out in Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most famous religious and tourist sites in Paris and the world.

The cause of the fire was unclear. But officials say it may be related to the renovation work in the building.

A major operation is being carried out to contain and contain the fire in the 850-year-old Gothic building, which is associated with the famous French writer Victor Hugo. But the tower and roof of the cathedral collapsed.

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Last year, the Catholic Church in France asked for funds to keep the building under threat.

“We will rebuild the cathedral” French President Emmanuel Macaron said in an emotional address to the French people, announcing the launching of a fundraising campaign for this purpose.

“I’m sad tonight to see this important part of us burn,” McCron said from the cathedral site.

An official at the Elysee Palace said that because of the fire, Macaron canceled a speech he would give to the nation before the incident.

Thousands of people gathered in the streets near the cathedral to follow the fire in silence while some of them were crying and others were chanting.

A spokesman for the cathedral said the whole building was burning “Nothing will be left, and we have to wait until we see whether the dome, which protects the cathedral, will be affected or not.”

Paris Mayor Ann Hidalgo, speaking from the scene, described the fire as “horrific” and urged people to respect the cordon imposed by firefighters to ensure their safety. The cathedral represents an invaluable human heritage.

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For 800 years, the cathedral was overlooking Paris and its bells were always drawn to celebrate the happy events of the homeland or to declare sorrow because of the disasters that occurred, and we can only feel very sad about what happened.

US President Donald Trump suggested using “helicopters with water sprayers” to extinguish the fire.

The Notre Dame Cathedral, which is visited by nearly 13 million people every year, has been restored after cracks and cracks began to appear on its walls, raising concerns that this would affect the stability of the temple.

The fire broke out on Monday afternoon and the area surrounding the building was evacuated.

The prosecutor’s office in Paris said it had opened an investigation into the incident.