Pak Liyari in Dubai Serves the Best Biryani


Who doesn’t love Biryani? If you belong to Pakistan or India then it is your ultimate love. Even if you don’t you will fall in love with this aromatic meat and rice combo with the royal taste of saffron.

This a story of a man who paved his way through his circumstances leads lead himself to top 5 chefs in UAE who can make your taste buds go wow and crave for more and more.

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This Dubai based Pakistani works as a chef in a Biryani outlet and is winning the hearts of not only Pakistanis but also other food lovers. This is his passion turned profession to bring the taste of the best cultural cuisine of his land to an international platform.

If you are planning to visit Dubai or taking a city tour this is a must try a dish that has his very own aromatic flavor. Just like Mandi the Arabian dish, Biryani is a Pakistani and Indian blend of flavors. Tender meat with balanced spiced curry layered in boiled aromatic rice and sprinkled with saffron makes the foodie crave for it.

Ali, the owner of the famous biryani house chef started off his career decades ago when he moved with his father to Dubai and started working at a hotel where he first learned to make his world famous Biryani.

After his return to Pakistan in the area of Liyari after his brother’s death, he started his own business of home kitchen and event catering to support his family as well as his brother’s. But due to security issues he had to move to Dubai in 2007. Where he joined Pak Layari restaurant where his brother also worked.

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One day while he was working in the Sabka branch of Pak Liyari restaurant two Arabs came in and ordered biryani. After they finished they asked to meet the chef to pay their regards.

They told Ali they will come back a few days later. As Ali recalled they returned with a team who tasted the biryani and he was being awarded a certificate.

Now Ali is considered among the top 5 chefs who make incredible biryani in the Emirates.