Pakistan, Indians to Pass Skill Tests for Saudi Arabia Visas

Pakistani Workers In Saudi Arab

Millions of Pakistanis planning to move to Saudi Arabia for better prospects are in for some tough tests!

Workers from Pakistan, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Egypt, and Bangladesh will now be required to go through renewed policies as the country would now conduct skill-based tests of its foreign manpower before granting them the visa.

Under the new set of policies, set to be implemented from December, visas will only be issued after skill tests are cleared.

Nayef Al-Omair, Head of the Vocational Examination Program at the Ministry of Labor reported that workers who will pass the skill-based tests will be given a five-year certificate.

He further added that the vocational program allows for testing the workers at their homes before they arrive in the Kingdom.

While the news may upset some, there’s a silver lining: the new scheme would be optional for one year starting December 2019 after which it would become compulsory. The Government of Saudi Arabia hopes to gradually phase out the previous system.

Workers from Pakistani will be the last one to appear for the test as the new program will first be rolled out to manpower recruited from India in December 2019, due to its large size in the Saudi market.

Indian manpower will then be followed by those from the Philippines who will sit for the tests in May 2020 while the workers from Sri Lanka and Indonesia in July 2020. Last to appear for the test will be those from Egypt, Bangladesh, and Pakistan in December 2021.

Did you know? Workers belonging to these 7 countries constitute 95 percent of professional manpower in Saudi Arabia’s local market!

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