Pakistani Actors/ Actresses who got Hollywood Spotlight


As a Pakistani, it feels great to see a fellow Pakistani making their way to success in other parts of the world, may it be Hollywood or Bollywood or anywhere else in the world.

There is a number of Pakistanis who made their ways in Hollywood the biggest film industry as an actor, graphic designer or in any other related field for that matter. Today we’re going to list down such Pakistanis who are well-known celebrities around the world.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

On top of the list, there is a name which needs no introduction as he is a Maestro in our music industry. He’s not other than Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Possibly the biggest export of Pakistani entertainment industry. He did some amazing collaboration with Peter Gabriel, Michael Brooke, and Eddie Vedder among many others. People have witnessed some remarkable performances in cities like Paris, New York Washington and many others. Some his finest pieces were featured in films such as Deadman walking, Natural born killer, Any given Sunday and several others. He has undoubtedly played a role portraying the image of Pakistan.

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Laraib Atta

Another proud name for Pakistan. She’s a daughter of a well-known folk singer Atta Ullah. She has been working in Hollywood as a graphic designer for VFX effects in movies. Her work can be seen in a number of blockbuster films such as Narnia, Mission Impossible Fallout, X-men and Gravity. Another Pakistani making us proud.

Adnan Siddiqui

The heartthrob of Pakistan has also got himself in the spotlight of Hollywood by working alongside Hollywood’s top actress Angelina Jolie in the film called “A mighty heart”. This film was released in 2007. Irfan khan the finest from Bollywood was also part of this film.

Atif Aslam

Who does not know this guy from this generation? Since he has released his debut he is on the ladder to success. He has made his name worldwide with his music. Some crowd packed performances has been done by this guy in a number of cities around the globe. But as we speak about sharing a spotlight in Hollywood, Atif has made there as well. In a film called “Man pushcart” by Ahmad Razvi, three of his songs has featured.

Mahnoor Baloch

A Pakistani actress working for decades yet seems to be as young as before. She’s known as the lady who never ages. This diva has also made her place in Hollywood by working alongside Farhan Tahir, who is another Pakistani-American actor in a film called “torn’. Now her charm is across the border.

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Meesha Shafi

Actress, singer, modal and what not. This all-rounder face with a voice that is mesmerizing made her debut in Hollywood by working alongside huge names such as Kate Hudson, Shabana Azmi and Om Puri in a film called “Reluctant Fundamentalist”. This step has gained her big stardom back home.

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Farhan Haroon Tahir

He is the son of actor Naeem Tahir and was born in California. He has been working in Hollywood for over 25 years and has worked in a number of films. His famous character was “Raza” from Iron-man and other than that his work can be seen in many other films such as Star Trek, Ashes, Elysium, Torn, Escape Plan and many more. He made his debut in a film called Jungle Book in 1994. Farhan is changing the culture of stereotype in Hollywood by rejecting the stereotype roles being offered. He says “with time it’s changing”.

Syma Chowdhry

An award-winning host, reporter, producer, news writer, model, and actress and at this time a news reporter in Philadelphia. She has also appeared in a number of pageants and finished as the third runner up. This Pakistani-Indian-American beauty also made her place as 1st runner up in the Miss Pennsylvania, USA.

Sajid Hasan

Sajid Hasan started his career through theatre and then stepped into television which gains him a huge success in the industry. He also shared the spotlight of Hollywood with Adnan Siddiqui in Mighty heart.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

She is known for her directions in some vital documentaries such as “saving face”, the song of Lahore” and “ho yaqeen”. She has gotten herself among in the list of Oscar and Emmy award winners. A true Pakistani spirit.

Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail started his career with stand-up comedy and then took a step towards acting. This step brought him immense success. He appeared in TV show call Silicone valley and took it to the next level.

Sameer Asad Gardezi

He has worked in an Emmy award winning series “Modern family” he is also a screenwriter and worked for many big networks like Universal, Nickelodeon and ABC. He won a writing guild award for his exceptional writing skills and currently working in his next project “the Goodwin games”.

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Dilshad Vadsaria

She is known for her troublemaker character “Rabecca Logan” from the much admired show “The Greek”. This Karachi born actress was also a part of the hit TV series “revenge”.

Ayad Akhtar

American-Pakistani actor and writer has done some prominent work in play writing such as ‘Disgraced’, ‘The Invisible Hand’ and ‘The Who and The What’. He aslo published a novel called “Devrish” in 2012.

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Alyy Khan

He is an actor with working experience of all Bollywood, Hollywood, and Lollywood. Some of his roles in the films are famous such as in Don 2 alongside Shahrukh Khan. Currently, he is working in numerous TV series in Pakistan.

Riz Ahmad

Multi-talented Riz Ahmad is an actor, rapper and activist. He has worked in huge Hollywood hits like Nightcrawler, Rogue One, Four Lions, The Night of and The Reluctant Fundamentalist. He was nominated in Golden Globe Awards for his role in Night of, the same role he won Emmy for. He is one of the most famous Pakistani actors in Hollywood.

Taher Shah

Our favorite Angel, Mr.Taher Shah is believed to be working in a Hollywood film though nothing is confirmed yet we know for a fact that it would be entertaining and can’t wait for it to actually happen.