Pakistani Man Takes a Lion for a Drive in Karachi


It is not normal at all to walk or drive on streets in a city of hustle bustle and an unusual roar just surprise you. You look around to find out and see a lion riding in a car next to yours.

A video just went viral of a lion in a car with two Pakistani daring brothers. Two of them are sitting in the rear seats while the big cat relaxing in the back.

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The brothers, the restaurant owners, declare that the 26-month-old lion was adopted after he was born on their farm and his mother stopped feeding the cub, they were the ones who took the responsibility of raising the wild beast.

While is fun and unusual also strange but on the other side, it is a bit scary as we can say keeping a wild beast could be. But this big guy seems friendly with the family, just like a part of the pack they cuddles him and play with him normally.

The caretaker of family named him Simba after the famous Disney character and he is living here since he was a cub.

With his huge size, the drawback is they could not find a litter tray as the boys told.

Although when they take him for a walk around the street people get fascinated and wanted to play with him. He can get dangerous if you scare him or act in a scared manner then he could attack, but if you stay calm then it is all safe to play and enjoy.

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The boys take them for drive occasionally and leave the cat inside when they parked the car outside the shop if they need to buy something.

Good thing is that you don’t need to lock it or put the alarm on as you have the guard inside and no one would dare to take your car.