Pakistani Mangoes Arrives in UAE after Delay of Some Weeks

Pakistani mangoes arrive in UAE after delay of some weeks

After a delay of over a few weeks as a result of a sizeable production loss, primarily as a result of climate change-led extreme atmospheric condition, Pakistani mangoes have arrived finally in the UAE markets.

Importers primarily based in Dubai’s Al Aweer Fruit Market said the initial shipments were sold out within a couple of days of arrival.

Earliest kinds of Pakistani mangoes, Sindhri and Almas, have gathered their way to Dubai. Sindhri is commonly considered as one of the most favorite and famous kinds of mangoes in the world due to its unique taste, golden color, and its size.

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The first batch of Pakistani mangoes typically arrives in Dubai by the third week of May every year and by the first week of June, the fully ripe fruit hits the shelves of the supermarkets.

Mohammad Afzal, Managing Director of Bukhamas Trading Company, who has been trading in mangoes from Pakistan to Dubai and Muscat for over 40 years, said there have been 10-to-15 days of delay in the mango crop in Pakistan this year.

“We can try to meet our target because the demand in the UAE and different GCC countries is rising,” Afzal said, claiming that his company is one in each of the major importers of mango stocks from Pakistan within the region.

Mangoes from India start arriving in the UAE with the advent of the summer. Kaser, Rajaputri, Dasheri, Badami and India’s premier brand Alphonso capture the fruit shelves within the supermarkets by April. The season of Indian mangoes lasts until June.

Both Indian and Pakistani mangoes dominate the UAE market with nearly 70 percent share, whereas product from the Republic of Kenya, Sudan, and Australia serve the rest of the market.

Sindhri, Dasheri, Anwar Ratol, Chaunsa and Kala Chaunsa from Pakistan dominate the UAE’s fruits shelves till September.

“I hope this year Pakistani mangoes can last beyond September as crop within the Punjab province is yet to mature,” says Ijaz Hussain of Lucky Alfa Enterprises, another mango merchant.

During the three-month mango season, Dubai-based traders import 2.5 million crates through over 130 ship trips between Pakistani city Karachi and Dubai. A crate of Pakistani mangoes approximately weight 7-8kg comes for Dh25-30 in all the wholesale market.

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UAE-based traders imported Pakistani mangoes valued $6 million with an approximate share of 32 percent in the total Pakistani mango exports in 2014.

Since 2015, the export of Pakistani mangoes to the UAE and different Gulf countries dropped significantly when the Pakistan government banned the utilization of wood packaging including crates, boxes, and cases for storing fruits and vegetables.

However, the importers are optimistic that the rising demand in the UAE and other GCC countries would facilitate them surpass their targets.