Panama Geisha – World’s Most Valuable Coffee Arrives in Dubai

World'most expensive coffee comes to dubai

You read it right, World’s most expensive coffee has finally made its way to Dubai!
At a recent event in Dubai, Panama Geisha-A Panama based coffee well famed for its lusciousness, produced in a narrow range was exhibited at the first-ever coffee tasting and auction at DMCC’s headquarter, Almas Tower by Cafe Eleta. It was sold for a record-breaking Dh 10,000 per Kilogram.

Alejandro Carvello, CEO Of Eleta Group was overwhelmed by the experience he reportedly said:

“We are delighted to have collaborated with DMCC to bring the world’s most valuable coffee to Dubai. Specialty coffee is gaining traction globally and the success of this event showcases the growing interest and appetite for it in the region as well. We look forward to bringing other unique offerings to Dubai in the years to come.”

                         worldsmost expensive coffee comes to dubai

For all the connoisseurs over 25 opulent coffees from 10 different origins around the globe were also showcased at the event. Exquisite beans from  South America Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia to and a collection of African brews from Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya were auctioned.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and CEO Officer at DMCC being well pleased with the event said:   

“We are proud to have hosted our first specialty coffee tasting and auction featuring some of the world’s most sought after coffee beans. This represents yet another important milestone for both Dubai and DMCC, further anchoring the emirate’s position at the heart of the global coffee trade,”

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