Peru Pavilion in Expo Dubai 2020: An Evocation of Time

Peru Pavilion in Expo Dubai 2020 An Evocation of Time

Dubai Expo 2020 is all set to feature some of the most breathtaking architectural phenomena from all around the world. Peru also unveiled its pavilion and the theme on which the masterpiece has been designed.

Habitare Arquitectura e Ingeniería, in collaboration with Studio 17 has designed the pavilion with the theme “An evocation of time” which will be featuring the country’s journey and the transition it had to undergo during its history while being influenced by many that give shape to its identity.

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The Design Details

The curved lines that dominate the architectural design of the pavilion represent the winding path that Peru has been on throughout its existence; an infinite path that is paved by multiple influences and events that have shaped our identity.

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Just like the spiraling P that forms a part of our logo for Marca Perú, this path begins at a point in time and, from there, it’s born, it traverses, it extends, it stops, and it returns to its origin.

Peruvian Fabric and Time

Keeping in mind every detail and what it represents, The Pavilion features a wall that can be seen upon entrance which combines emphasize the relationship between Peruvians and their woven art throughout the course of history.

The wall is inspired by the ruins of Kuélap.

The activity that has become intertwined with nearly every facet of Peruvian culture and which is best represented by the Paraca pieces, the Q’eswachaka bridge,the “caballitos de totora,” and many more.