Portugal Confirms its Participation in Expo 2020 Dubai


Portugal’s Minister of Economic Affairs Eurico Dias said his country will participate strongly in the Expo 2020 in Dubai to inform the Gulf Arab countries of Portuguese culture and expects the next edition of Expo Dubai to be the largest in the history of the World Expo ever thanks to the preparations The UAE’s unprecedented event for this unique event.

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Portugal, which received 20 million tourists last year, is looking forward to welcoming more tourists from the UAE and the Gulf countries. “I see a wide range of growth through more investment opportunities, Will contribute to the prosperity of both countries’ economies. I refer not only to the exchange of services and goods but also to our cultures. “

The minister expressed the hope that he will be able to reach his goal during Expo 2020 next year in Dubai, where Portugal is preparing for this world event and designed an integrated pavilion that combines the rich culture, society and the developing economy. “I have had the opportunity this week to visit the Expo 2020 site, which is truly impressive, both in terms of buildings, infrastructure and service facilities, and I hope that our strong participation in Expo 2020 will help inform the Gulf countries of culture. Portuguese, and the potential of Portugal as a modern state has much to offer.

There are hundreds of Portuguese companies operating in the UAE in the industry, services, trade, infrastructure, etc. Portugal also attracts UAE and international investors, not only because of its strategic location between Latin America, Africa and Europe, but also for having a workforce The international companies have recently contributed to supporting the vital sectors of the Portuguese economy, such as transport, industry, hospitality, banking and technology, with companies such as Google, BMW, Volkswagen and BNP Paribas opening branches in different regions Portugal.

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The Portuguese Minister also spoke about the economic policies that Portugal has pursued over the years to achieve growth and prosperity during the last six years during which it achieved high figures,