PUBG Mobile Addiction: UAE Parents Demand a Ban


After the recent New Zealand incident many parents started getting worried for their kids. The most trending game PUBG is considered as the main reason to worry.

Discussions are going on around town about banning PUBG. A series of incidents occurred in India which divided people among India into several groups, some of the people want a complete ban on this game, other wants to put an age restriction and the rest wanted some modification in the game to keep their kids from getting aggressive and violent.

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In UAE also the rising demand to ban the game has become a highlighted issue and people are considering it as a bad influence on youngsters as they are becoming more addict and violent.

Developed by a South Korean firm, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a multiplayer survival battle game which is designed to defend and battle like in real life. Affecting lives of many it has already been banned in cities across Gujarat, India. Almost 10 students got arrested for playing the game amid the ban.

To cut down the number of incidents people suggested the Chinese new process that keeps a check on the apparent age of the player through the selfie lens of the device.

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PUBG and Fortnite are now considered as destructive games and a very bad psychological effect kids of all age groups and adults as well. Just like a continuous intake of drugs, smoking and drinking this game has an addiction and damages the mind and they face strong behavioral changes.

With the growing number of people’s life affected it is a global crisis now happening all over the world, somewhere a husband left a pregnant wife, students can’t concentrate on their study and future goals and even the people on jobs are not able to focus on their office due to playing games at late night!