Queen Rania of Jordan Share Their Family Iftar on Social Media

King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan share their family iftar on social media
King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan share their family iftar on social media

The Holy month of Ramadan is all about reflection, spiritual renewal, and peace. it’s the right time to seek Allah’s forgiveness and share his blessings with family and friends.

Ramadan encourages individuals to get together for meals, and share iftar meal with their family and friends whenever it is possible.

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Queen Rania Al-Abdullah published a video on her official application on Saturday, showing the royal family eating breakfast in Ramadan.


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افطار عائلي للعائلة الهاشمية 😍😍😍 #QueenRania #LoveJO #OurJordan

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The video begins with footage of the drinking of King Abdullah II of the water, which accompanied the ears of Morocco, and next to His Crown Prince Prince Hussein, pouring water in cups before him, before giving one to his younger brother, Prince Hashim, who was standing beside him.

Queen Rania accompanied the video with a comment that said: “The most beautiful thing about breakfast.”

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In the video, viewers can also hear the call for prayer and see King Abdullah II of Jordan breaking his fast with water and dates.

The camera then moves from King Abdullah and his sons crown prince Hussein and Prince Hashem towards princess Iman and Princess Salma, as they assist their mother place the warm meals on the table.