Ramadan 2019: School, Offices, Public Transport, Mall Timings in UAE


As the Holiest month is around the corner, UAE has already made its schedule according to it to make sure people of UAE can make most of it in this Ramadan.

With this month everything seems to be getting slow down with a swift of calmness and peacefulness. Throughout this time of fasting, refraining from food, drink and other physical needs during daylight hours (like smoking, for instance). But for Muslims, it’s much more than just not eating or drinking.

UAE Ramadan 2019 Calendar: Iftar and Suhoor & Prayer Timings

This month one gets a chance to clean its soul and get close to Allah by worshiping and praying more. Ramadan also teaches us to sacrifice and self-discipline.

The Ramadan is expected to begin from 6th of May in most of the Islamic nations, according to the international Astronomical center. Nearly 1.2 billion Muslims will be practicing dusk till dawn fasting around the globe.

Dubai School Timings

For Ramadan schedule, The Knowledge and Human Development Authority has set the school timings for not more than five hours. Schools are likely to be started between 8:00 to 8:30 and finish between 1:00 to 1:30, with shorter breaks in between.

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Working Hours in Ramadan

In the month of Ramadan, workers placed within the UAE can have fewer work hours in an exceedingly daily job schedule, from the regular eight hours each day can scale back to a mean of six hours each day.

Be suggested that according to the UAE Labour Law, it doesn’t acknowledge the distinction between who fast and people who don’t. However, at intervals Dubai’s monetary area it’ll have totally different laws.

During Ramadan, the UAE Labour Law indicates a 2 operating hour reduction per day, regardless of workers within the UAE are fasting or not. Therefore, Muslim or non-Muslim that are working ought to expertise an early out of their jobs.

Dubai Malls and Food Courts Timings

According to visit Dubai, Mall timings will also be affected as some of the boutiques and stores chooses to remain closed during the fasting time. Anyhow, to accommodate those hours mall are likely to be open late at night. On weekdays mall will be open till 1 am and on weekends till 2 am.


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Public Transport and Parking Timings

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has also made changes in routine, as business hours will vary according to Ramadan timings. Customers’ happiness centers, paid, public buses, Dubai Metro, parking zones and Tram, marine transit modes, and service-provider centers will also be affected by RTA during Ramadan.