Real life ‘Iron Man’ showcases Flight Suit in Dubai

Real life 'Iron Man' showcases Flight Suit in Dubai

Richard Browning, the founder and pilot at Gravity Industries holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest speed in a body controlled jet suit in which he clocked 51.53km/h.

His flight suit ‘Daedulus Mark I’ is designed to incorporate five miniature jet engines, each providing 22kgs of thrust with two mounted on each arm and one in a backpack. It allows him to achieve vertical take-off and control his direction and speed of flight by using his arms.

The suit is made up of six micro gas turbines comes with a helmet that displays fuel levels, safety performance indicators and Wi-Fi for ground monitoring.

At the opening of Dubai’s GISEC security and technology conference on Tuesday, he soared around five metres in the air across a car park, landing successfully and at an ear-splitting 108 decibels about the same as being in the front row of a Motor head concert.