Revealed: The Middle East’s Largest ‘Living Green Wall’ at Dubai Wharf

Revealed The Middle East's Largest 'Living Green Wall' at Dubai Wharf

The Middle East’s largest ‘living green wall’ has been revealed at Dubai Wharf. It is located in the heart of Culture Village overlooking the historic Dubai Creek.

The vertical garden spreads over area 1,260 square metres and its length is 210 metres. It features more than 80,000 plants forming a leaf canopy area equivalent to around 200 trees.

According to the developer, Dubai Properties, the vertical garden creates a microclimate that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the Dubai Wharf and the well-being of its visitors and residents.

Living green walls are relatively new concept worldwide. These are useful in urban landscaping where space can be a constraint.
Plants naturally remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen while filtering the air around them through absorbing pollutants.

Green walls help in reducing the temperatures through a process called evapotranspiration. The effect can be felt in the areas where green walls are built.