Riva Restaurant Launches a Healthy Breakfast Menu with Ripe Organic


Riva restaurant unveiled the new healthy breakfast menu, in cooperation with Ripe Organic. The luxury beachfront Riva restaurant has created a new menu full of organic and nutritious organic options, which are available daily from 7:30 am to 11:00 am and extended until 1 pm on weekends. The elegant destination of its guests ensures a unique experience with a rich and varied selection of healthy and delicious breakfast options.

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The Riva restaurant offers guests who care about their health a chance to savor a variety of savory sauces that are full of fresh ingredients. The most salient choices include the Granola fruit-berry meal; the Riva Benedict dish, the famous Benedictine dish served in a private restaurant style; and the Scini Omelets dish prepared using organic spinach and Vita cheese.

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The restaurant also serves the Spiraling Boosters recipe, which is prepared with the most perfect ingredients of food rich in health benefits of the body, as well as a selection of juices and fresh savory varieties such as Energizer, a mixture of honey, almond milk and organic milk; Which contributes to raising energy levels in the body thanks to its combination of varieties of vegetables and tropical fruits.