Friday, September 24, 2021
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Robotic Surgical System is the next Step of Medical Advancement in UAE

Many hospitals in UAE are now performing robotic surgery. It’s a great advancement in medical field and people are much satisfied for a robot rather than a doctor to perform a minor surgical procedure.

Robotic Surgical System is a system that allows your surgeon to make precise and delicate motions while controlling the machine. It has more control over the precision of the incision, minimal blood loss, less risk of infection, faster recovery and less pain for the patient. Robots are playing the role of a tool that improves and extends the capabilities of the personnel.

The managing director of Universal Hospital Dr. Shabeer Nellikode said that the hospital is also launching a child-sized robot this year. It will help children with autism. Many children have autism spectrum disorder in the UAE. The child sized humanized robot will also be able to play with children with autism and support them.

Robotic surgeries increased quality in various applications due to a high degree of reliability. During surgery they can help in delivery of medicine, in remotely connecting physicians to a critical situation e.g. in an intensive care unit.


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