RTA to Install Camera’s to Monitor Customers Happiness


Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) monitors how satisfied and happy the customers are with the quality and effectiveness of the services they provide through cameras distributed at customer service centers. The Authority announced the launch of the measure measuring the happiness of customers through the installation of smart cameras in four centers of happiness dealers, including Al Barsha, Umm Rumool, Deira, and Al Aweer.

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Mr. Maher Shireh, Director of Smart Services, Enterprise Technical Support Services, said: “The initiative aims to measure happiness through smart cameras that analyze the happiness of customers in a technical way. It analyzes the facial expressions of dealers without storing them to preserve privacy before and after their transactions. In the service centers, and then measure the level of happiness immediately and accurately, which helps to provide reports on the experience of customers, and therefore decision-makers can take the necessary action to improve the service on a continuous basis, has been implemented in four centers of happiness dealers”.

Cameras were manufactured inside the state with high accuracy based on artificial intelligence techniques, and can take images at 30 frames per second, and within the scope of 7 meters and the perimeter of the vision of 65 degrees, in addition to the automatic settings of the scene without flash and reduce the interference of light to give the most accurate indicators of facial expressions.

Cameras have wireless and Bluetooth, 32 MB internal random storage, automatically restarts in the event of a malfunction, and the possibility of remote support to ensure continuity of operation around the clock.

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The index is working to provide detailed reports on the level of happiness of dealers on a daily basis through a real-time database, and to send instant messages at the low level of happiness in any of the centers of happiness of dealers from a predetermined level through a mechanism integrated with text messages and e-mail, For the concerned take the necessary to maintain the level of happiness dealers.

Indicator of happiness reflects the change in the level of happiness of the customer from the moment of entry to the center and until the exit, and linking the level of service received, and that this creates a positive competitive environment between the centers of happy customers using the simulation method of gaming (Gamification) to upgrade the level of services, Thus ensuring the happiness of customers by raising their satisfaction with the services of the Authority.