Saudi Arabia Launches 90 Days Host Visa

Saudi Arab host visa

According to the Directorate General Of Passports (Jawazat) and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, a ‘Host Visa’ service will be introduced through the ministry of interior ‘s portal of Absher.

The new Host Visa will allow citizens and expatriates to host people under their sponsorship for up to 90 days. This was announced by Abdullah Qazi, Vice Chairman of the national commission for Hajj and Umrah in an interview with Ya Hala program.

Under this system, the expatriate and citizens can host from three to five Umrah pilgrims under a certain policy.  The guest can travel and stay without any restrictions and participate in tourist activities across the Kingdom.

The guest data will be registered in the Civil Status Registry Of Citizens and Absher Portal Of Expatriates at the responsibility of their Host.

According to the new visitors’ regime, visitors from some countries are eligible to visa on arrival while others need to apply at the Saudi Diplomatic Mission in advance.

The fee has not been announced officially yet but according to sources it would cost SR500 per person, the same person can pay three visits in a year after issuance of a separate visa through Absher.