Saudi Arabia to Provide e-visas for Pilgrims in 2019


The general supervisor of the unified electronic Hajj and Umrah platform Abdul Rahman Shams revealed the existence of communication between the Ministries of Hajj and Foreign Affairs to handle the issuance of Hajj and Umrah e-visas for the relief for those coming from abroad so that they can get electronic visas without having to go to the embassies.

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“The current status of Hajj and Umrah necessitates visitors from outside the Kingdom can apply to their country’s offices, organizers and agents for Hajj and Umrah, in order to obtain e-visas,” Shams said.

He added that the unified Hajj and Umrah platform will include new services, allowing people from outside the Kingdom to access the portal, review service packages offered by the concerned authorities, choose the package they want and issue the visa electronically without the need to go through the whole process in embassies.

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