Saudi Entertainment Ventures to open Seven Cinemas in 2019


Saudi entertainment Ventures – established by the general public Investment Fund in 2017 – plans to own fifty cinemas operational in Asian country by 2022. “Saudi entertainment Ventures plans to open seven cinemas across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2019 because it works towards having fifty open by 2022”, consistent with chief executive officer Bill Ernest.

Launched by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund in 2017, Saudi diversion Ventures was the primary entity licensed to work cinemas within the kingdom.

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In Apr 2018, it launched the primary cinema in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in over thirty five years as a part of a venture with US-based AMC.

In an interview with Arabian Business, Ernest said a further seven cinemas are opened in varied components of the dominion in 2019.

“Our goal is to possess fifty open by 2022, that’s concerning 450 screens. It’s no little endeavor.” Bill Ernest added.

The additional cinemas will be across the country (KSA), with a median of 9 screens per cinema. These cinemas can still be unfolded as group tend to grow the business across the Kingdom. Earnest make sure that there isn’t any one explicit concentration, however theirs honest intentions is the prosperity of cinema industry in Kingdom by simply increasing the opportunities that make healthy environment for entertainment sector. They are using all their efforts to achieve that milestone, instead of that they got a pretty much aggressive schedule for the inaugurations of cinemas.

Ernest stated that “I believes that young Saudis are a major portion of that go abroad to look at movies in cinemas and offer the corporate with a huge market share for its cinema business”.

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New Jobs Opportunities & Economic Boost

All of these current developments will open the doors for new opportunities and a whole new sector of jobs ready to conquer. The cinema business in Asian nation is projected to directly contribute SAR one billion ($266.59 million) to the kingdom’s gross domestic product and make many jobs by 2020. These efforts will expects collective fifty million audience annually, provide 22,000 direct jobs and contribute SAR eight billion ($2.13 billion) to the Saudi economy by 2030.

The latest technology in the design and construction is one of the foundations of the cinema infrastructure in the Kingdom, especially as authorities are about to open a large number of the role, noting that the Authority has developed a clear road map to achieve its objectives, especially with the great efforts to encourage national companies and attract investments to develop entertainment in this aspect by expanding cinema coverage to reach all parts of the Kingdom.