Saudi Nurses Saved a Man’s life who Swallowed his Tongue


A video showed the humanitarian impact and compassion of two Saudi nurses saved the life of a young man swallowed his tongue.

The young man was injured in a traffic accident. The nurses Mariam Al-Shammari and Wafa Al-Anzi volunteered to provide first aid at the scene.

The young man was eventually given a new life after he was almost suffocated.

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Wafa al-Enezi and Maryam al-Shammari, the nurses who saved an injured man, swallowed his tongue in a traffic accident on the city’s Hail road.

Wafa al-Enezi, who works at Hail Public Hospital, says she was heading to her family’s home for a family visit, to find an accident in front of her. She did not hesitate to go down and help as a humanitarian duty for her as a nurse and a health practitioner.

“When I went down to the site, I found a colleague of the profession Mary, who is also helping. When I measured the pulse and evaluated the situation from me and my colleague Mary, the patient was suffering from breathlessness. The fear was that his tongue would swallow and choke. For the hospital. ”

For her part, Maryam Al-Shammari, who works at the health center in Basita, explained that “it stopped at the time of the accident and the first work I did was to evaluate the situation and start the first aid, as the duty of any health practitioner, to do the work and medical assistance to save an injured person and keep him alive” .

A businessman in the Hail region offered a financial reward for the two nurses who saved the life of an injured young man who swallowed his tongue after a traffic accident in the region.

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On his part, businessman Awad bin Mutlaq Al-Hamzani decided to honor the two nurses by giving each of the five thousand riyals, while businessman Radhi Al-Salmani Al-Shammari decided to provide a financial reward to the nurse Mariam Al-Shammari and her colleague Wafaa Al-Enezi “five thousand riyals each.”

This is in addition to giving them a commemorative shield, in exchange for their great work outside of the working hours, to say one of the businessmen that this is the least for the two nurses.